• 1. How does our Healing Arts Community Xchange work? Healing Arts Community Xchange Members earn Xchange Dollars by selling continuing education classes, products, services, etc. to other members. The buyer will put Xchange Dollars in the seller's account. Later, the seller can purchase from any other Xchange Member.

    EXAMPLE: A massage therapist with a $200 service value "sells" to a yoga teacher. The yoga teacher deposits "$200" into the massage therapist's account. The massage therapist can immediately use $200 toward any products or services, or continue accumulating more Xchange Dollars to make a larger purchase in the future.

    As an Xchange Member, you are empowered to purchase or sell products or services with any other Xchange Member.

  • 2. Define "Healing Arts Community". The Healing Arts Community is comprised of the following 6 sectors: Body, Beauty, Food, Fitness, Asian Arts, and Spirituality.

    You can find the following categories inside of our system prefaced with the word Healing Arts:

    Acupuncturists, Astrologists, Body Workers, Chiropractors, Death Midwifery, Doulas, Eco-Dentists, Eldercare, Estheticians. Feng Shui Artists, Fitness Instructors, Hair Stylists, Henna Artists, Herbalists, Holistic Chefs, Holistic Interior Designers, Hypnotherapists, Kinesiologists, Lactation Coaches, Lash Artists, Make Up Artists ,Massage Therapists, Mediums, Nail Technicians, Neonatal Specialists, Numerologists, Nutritionists, Photographers, Physical Therapists, Placenta Encapsulation Specialists, Post-Surgical Specialists, Pre-Natal Specialists, Psychics, Psychologists, Reflexology, Shamans, Spray Tanners, Tarot Readers, Transition Facilitators

  • 3. Why do you ask for my Social Security number or Federal ID number? The Tefra Act designates exchanges as third party record keepers, the same as banks and credit card companies. IRS regulations dictate that exchange sales are the same as cash sales, as the seller is receiving revenue that can be spent just like cash to purchase products and services. Therefore, Trade sales are taxable income that must be reported to the IRS by the exchanges. By February of each year, LABP Holdings LLC will send each member a 1099b detailing their Xchange sales for the previous year. In March of each year, LABP Holdings LLC reports all income from exchange sales to the IRS, as required by law.
  • 4. Who can exchange on the Xchange? Any educator, healer, or Healing Arts business offering a product or service can apply for an account. You must agree to the Xchange rules and be fair and equitable in your dealings with other Healing Arts Community Members, just as if they were cash customers.

    When signing up, select your specialty under Healing Arts or look for it alphabetically among the general list. If you do not find it there, please email us and we will add it to our growing list.

  • 5. Can someone join who is not a Healing Arts provider? No and Yes. In general someone unaffiliated with the Healing Arts will not be approved for Xchange Membership. However, there are some exceptions. A few key professionals who provide administrative services to the Xchange will also be at your disposal should you need them on your professional path. Meet Ray Colon, our accountant or Heather Orr, our attorney. You will find these members lend tremendous value to our community.

  • 6. What does it cost to become an Xchange Member? All Healing Arts Community Members join 100% fee free! Likewise, LABP Certified Members, will pay no cash out of pocket. Certified members will receive a $1000 credit line from which the initial $400 certification fee will be deducted. This will equip them with $600 of remaining buying power to invest in any product or service. It literally pays to be a Member of the Xchange!
  • 7. Why would I want to accept Xchange dollars instead of cash? You don't have to sacrifice one for the other. You can retain cash clients while you fill your "empty slots" with Xchanges. If you have idle time in your week or your shelves are overstocked, why not accept Xchange dollars? This new form of purchasing power can offset business expenses, be used for employee incentives, or enhance your own quality of life. As healers, we must remember to care for ourselves. Quite often, Xchange clients will refer their cash paying friends and family after enjoying great service.

    For further information regarding exchanging, see our Homepage link to learn more.

  • 8. Do I have to pay income taxes on the sales I make within the Xchange? Xchange Members are required by the IRS to report all exchange sales at the end of each year. Members will receive a 1099B at the beginning of each year for exchange sales made the previous year. Additionally, monthly statements can be viewed online anytime.

    Just like with cash sales, you can take deductions against your income. At your discretion, you may categorize your service or product purchases as business deductions.

    We foresee most of the Xchange Dollars being deductible as purchasers of other healing services and products are usually a part of education, marketing, and other relevant business expenses.

  • 9. How is trading through the Xchange better than direct trade? In two words: flexibility and accountability. Our Healing Arts Community Xchange eliminates the restrictions and downfalls of one-to-one exchange in which each person or business must want what the other has to offer at the exact same time.

    With our Xchange Marketplace you are not limited to buy from the member you sell to. You can use your Xchange Dollars to purchase from any member.

    Likewise, you don't have to worry about one person not holding up their end of the bargain, since Xchange Dollars can be used anywhere.

    Exchanging services through the Xchange will create a record of the services you've provided and received you might not otherwise have in an informal trade situation. Keeping records is a great way to keep tabs on both your personal growth and any added experience or credentials you've gained through the Xchange.

  • 10. Why should I pay cash for my products and sell it for Xchange Dollars? In every business there is are cash operating costs. Xchanging is about getting full retail value for your products or services.

    If you retail products and have purchased 100 items at $10 each, sold 90 of them for $20 each, you've covered your cash costs and realized a cash profit of $900.

    Now you have 10 items just sitting on your shelves. You can put them on sale for $10 each in cash OR make them available for Xchange Dollars (full retail, not sale price) and have $200 worth of buying power.

  • 11. How can I pay my rent and electric bill with Xchange? New cash flow will be freed up by purchasing services with Xchange dollars. For example, you can pay for a psychic, yoga teacher, or eco dental care through the Xchange. The cash you save on these expenses can be used to pay for your rent and electric bill. Or you can use that cash for a new website that attracts more cash customers.

    Xchange is a powerful business tool that brings you cash. Most of our members discover time is indeed more valuable than money, and in turn, begin realizing the value of their own time.

  • 12. What are Eco-Luxury Products? A product is any external or internalized item used to provide services to a client and could include skincare, make up, linens, and or food just to name a few examples.

    Eco-Luxury means that the product is from an ecologically conscious source and that it is high quality. For instance, if your linens are organic cotton or from a recyclable source and they are luxurious to enjoy, they meet the requirement, however, if your linens are 5 years old with stains, they do not meet the requirement even if they were originally luxurious.

    For a list of ingredients that should not be used in any of your service products choices, please see our LABP Certified page at

  • 13. How should I price my product or service? The price you quote to Healing Arts Xchange Members is the same price you would quote to a cash paying client. Xchange dollars are simply another method of payment, just like cash or a credit card. Remember that business owners are educated shoppers. One of our primary goals is to help you realize your value, maybe you're not charging a career wage price. Healing Arts Community Xchange will serve as a training ground for you to raise your price and quote it with confidence.
  • 14. What if I need to make a purchase before I have earned enough Xchange Dollars? We encourage a mindset of "give to get." That being said, we understand needing a business booster. That's why we have set up a credit line with our LABP Certification program.

    Once accepted to become LABP Certified (after you have completed the competency screening), your credit line will boost you to make the purchases you need to start career building with education or equipment inside our online Healing Arts Community Xchange Marketplace where you can use Xchange Dollars to make the purchase.

  • 15. Does the Xchange provide support? Yes. The Healing Arts Community Xchange is Powered by LA Body Points. We offer live chat on the site and customer support to help you with any online processing you need help with.

    In the future, we will be assigning you a broker that will get you oriented to the marketplace and check in with you periodically. What's more, our office has an open door policy: call or email us anytime!

  • 16. Can I sell an item for part cash, part exchange? The short answer is no because most of our transactions will not be exceeding $2,500. Government regulated exchange rules indicate that the first $2,500 of a transaction must be 100% exchange. Any amount over $2,500 can be part cash and part exchange, all exchange, or all cash.

  • 17. Who pays for shipping? Sales tax, tipping and shipping is always paid by the buyer in cash. Always get shipping and sales tax up front, before shipping an item.
  • 18. Will there be any transaction fees? There are no transaction fees while we build our community. We want to keep this community as fee free as possible. Any fees implemented in the future will be nominal to cover any growing administration costs as our network develops.
  • 19. What if I need help posting online? We're here for you! Live chat with us and we can walk you through posting or call our office and we'll talk you through posting to the Xchange Marketplace. 310.941.8464.
  • 20. Why are there so many categories on the drop-down menu? Healing Arts Community Xchange is regulated by a much larger Global Trade Marketplace that consists of numerous industries. Currently, we are an exclusive exchange organization, but eventually we could branch out to the rest of the network.

  • 21. What is the Community Xchange Greeting about? Do I have to use it. The following greeting is derived from the Ghandi Greeting of Peace. It is advised for the Receiver to greet the Giver when a service Xchange Transaction occurs. Similar to a 'secret handshake' this greeting lets the giver know you are receiving from a place of humility and understand you are not entitled to receive from them. While we want our Community Members to honor this, it is not mandatory, but it is helpful to cultivate the vibration we want to attract.

    I offer you Peace
    (Palms face up, outstretched)

    I offer you Love
    (Arms crossed over chest)

    I offer you Friendship
    (Hands clasped in front of chest)

    I see your Beauty
    (Finger points to eye)

    I hear your Needs
    (Open cusp to ear)

    I feel your Feelings
    (Touch chest)

    My Wisdom comes from a Higher Source
    (Left hand out with palm up, right hand goes from forehead to left palm)

    I honor that source in You
    (Prayer hands, bow)

    Let us work together toward Unity & Love
    (Hands clasped above head)

  • 22. How can LA Body Points be sure an LABP Certified Member is meeting the Eco-Luxury Products Standards? All LABP Certified Members who are exchanging with other LABP Certified Members are asked to hold each other accountable. Verbal values can mean nothing without accountability.

    If you experience a LABP Certified Member not adhering to their personal commitment, please contact our office immediately.