LABP Certified Professionals Get Married

To marry means to join. It is our intention at LABP to unite you and your calling from many disparate parts into one strong whole. LABP Certified is a ceremonial union of yourself to your conscious professional healing arts practice, which will be supported by the Healing Arts Community Xchange Members around you.


  1. LABP Certified means you are a verified member of the Healing Arts Community. Your professionalism has been vetted by our trusted screening process, which includes the following: a face-to-face meeting with technical skill review by one of our Certified Members in your same skill category whose education is at the same level or above your level, background checks, social media checks and your credentials verified. This adds credibility and authenticity to all the services, products or education you administer.
  2. LABP Certified means you uphold and embody the core values of LA Body Points.
  3. LABP Certified means you value the environment with your commitment to using only Eco-Luxury Products.
  4. LABP Certified means you actively continue your education and personal growth within the Healing Arts. All professional members are required to accrue 15 hours per year of continuing education within the Healing Arts sector.
  5. LABP Certified means you understand how to champion a brand.
  6. LABP Certified means you have been sworn in with the Oath of Secrecy.